Hi, I'm Jonathan Greene. I'm a fractional CMO and marketing consultant in Jacksonville, FL. 

I'm an experienced marketer with deep expertise at growing and scaling companies with paid traffic.  I have specialized in consulting with expert businesses and consultant businesses to set up, grow, and scale product offerings. I have managed over $20 million in paid traffic in my career. 


My Services.

Fractional CMO.

Bring me in to help determine your strategic direction.  I'll help you figure out products that work, product ROI-positive ad campaigns, brand, re-brand, or scale  your expert business.  Get all of the benefits of a deeply experienced marketer without the overhead of having one on staff.

  • Hiring and training marketing teams

  • Strategic marketing insights

  • Product and go-to-market strategy

Paid Traffic Management.

Hire me to manage your Facebook ads.  I'll help you put together an offer that converts, as well as a marketing funnel that you can scale.  With a little work, you'll be on your way to loving your business again.  After all, you're an expert at something other than marketing.  I can help. 

  • Paid traffic management

  • Liquidation of product funnels

  • ROI-positive and scaleable ads campaigns


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison